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The farm vineyards, all located in the area of Montosoli – always considered one of the best in the territory – are located to the north of Montalcino, with a south-easterly exposure. The particular micro-climate, along with the favourable soil characteristics determines the production of wines with an excellent structure,

but always with good acidity, elegant and fruity.


Starting from the 1960's new Sangiovese vines were planted in addition to the existing ones; in the subsequent decades the area covered by vineyards slowly increased until it reached today's more than 20 hectares.


During this long period a specialisation of vines was also implemented by carefully selecting the best Sangiovese clones and ancient strains of Moscato bianco – present in the territory as far back as the 16th century – and by adopting new agricultural practices aimed at improving the vine ecosystem and the quality of the final product.


The current vineyards, all trained to bilateral spurred cordons, are made up of Sangiovese (approximately 80%), Moscato bianco (about 3 hectares), Merlot (about 1 hectare) and Pinot grigio (about 5,000 m2); they are all located at an altitude of between 250 and 300 m a.s.l. and the soils are mainly clayey (“galestro”) and skeleton-rich.


Grassing and green manuring is carried out on all the vineyard soils to maintain the structure and the fertility of the soil. During the vegetative-productive cycle of the plants several operations are also carried out. They include selecting the buds in Spring, managing the crown throughout the season, thinning the bunches in the pre-veraison period and manual harvest – with a careful selection of the grapes on the basis of the type of final product.



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